Course Certificate

A satisfactory record of performance is required for the course certificate and ECTS points to be awarded. For each module, participants are evaluated through practical exercises and/or critical appraisal of the literature or a short exam. At the end of the CAS Clinical Research, the participants take written and oral final exams. For the written exam, participants analyze a study, answering questions and summarizing and discussing its results. The oral examination assesses the understanding of key concepts. Test assessment employs straightforward criteria. Tests are marked “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” and students accordingly are considered to have passed or failed.

Program guidelines specify further details regarding performance monitoring.

Note for PhD students: Please be aware that you can either use the CAS course’s ECTS points for your PhD or acquire the CAS diploma. The course credits cannot be used to acquire both certificates (PhD and CAS) at the same time.

Make sure to note in the registration form whether you want to use course credits for your PhD, or the CAS diploma.