This certificate course comprises around 450 hours of work and leads to the acquisition of 15 ECTS points. The instructional course is divided into fundamentals that place the acquisition of methods and concepts in the foreground, and electives that add breadth and depth.

The course consists of:

    • 8 basic modules (12 ECTS)
    • 2 elective modules (2 ECTS)
    • 1 written and 1 oral exam (1 ECTS)

Each course module is defined by a thematic focus which is explored through lectures and practical assignments. The state of current research is investigated with concrete examples which are jointly worked through and discussed. Students benefit from the know-how and experiences of other participants from diverse backgrounds. They apply their knowledge directly to examples, cases and exercises. Via this process, students can link scientific knowledge to their personal experience.

Together with the „CAS Leadership in Health Care Organisations“ and the „CAS Managing in Health Care Organisations“ , the CAS Clinical Research leads to the “Master of Advanced Studies in Leading Learning Medical Organisations, Universität Bern”.